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Fixing a Cracked or Damaged Headlight

Replacing a headlight:

Sometimes you just have to replace a headlight because it is too damaged to be repaired, or the lights just aren’t working. Here are some helpful tips.

· Find the hood or bonnet release switch next to the driver’s switch and then physically lift the hood with your hand.

· Disconnect the battery to ensure there are no electrical accidents caused due to any kind of sparks etc.

· Remove the extra plastic films or “trims” that are used to cover the headlights. Unlatch the plastic clips and they will come off. Be careful as these clips are broken easily.

· Unplug the headlight’s wire pigtail and check if there is any burn mark inside. If there is any problem with the car’s electrical system, then a burnt odor or burn marks will be found.

· Now you need to remove the old headlight to fit in the new one. It should be twisted counterclockwise.

· Wear safety gloves and take out the new headlights from its box. Wipe it with alcohol dipped cloth in case you accidentally touched the light bulb. Now secure it by turning it in a clockwise direction and fitting the headlights should be done. Once you reconnect the battery, you can check if you did it correctly.

Repairing a cracked headlight:

If there is only a small crack and you want to repair it to ensure that moisture does not get in, then follow the steps below. However, you need to assess properly if you should go for repairing the headlight or replacing it completely.

· Remove the existing headlight and clean off any dirt or grime. If the damage is very small, you may even leave the headlight as is.

· You may choose to apply a little amount of car polish in the damaged area. Use masking tape to protect the damaged area.

· Use transparent super glue or clear silicone along with a sealant gun and allow it to dry. Once it is a bit dry, apply a second coating of car polish and then some amount of car wax to protect the adhesive.

· Let this dry overnight and it should be good as new.

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